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DIY Beautify Eureka!

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Are you interested in picking up litter in your neighborhood when and where YOU want?
Well you can!

FREE Trash Picker and
Bucket for Eureka Residents!

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The City of Eureka hosts many cleanup events, and even recruits community members to host their own events in their neighborhood,  but what we have heard from our community is a desire to pickup litter in a more casual and less structured way.  If you are a Eureka resident, you can now rescue microplastics and litter from flowing directly through the storm drains to the bay on your own schedule with a free Trash Pick Up kit from the City of Eureka!


How to Claim Your Kit

• Call 707-441-4218 or email to request your trash picker and bucket and schedule a time to pick up. 
• Come to City Hall, 531 K St, to grab your picker and bucket. 
• Get out there and rescue microplastics and litter from entering the bay! 

*Proof of residence within City of Eureka Limits required*

Thank you for your interest in helping cleanup our community!
Please read below about best practices and recommendations while collecting litter.

More Information for Collecting Litter


Safety Tips

•    Stay out of the roadway and be aware of your surroundings.
•    Always use gloves or a picker when removing litter.  To properly remove disposable gloves, grab the glove opening near your wrist and pull towards your fingers, then turn the glove inside out before disposing.
•    Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water when you are done picking up litter, even if you wore gloves.
•    Stay away from sharps or biohazards. You can call non-emergency dispatch to report any dangerous items in public places 707-441-4044.     
• Only go out during the daylight hours and be mindful of the weather as heavy rain or winds could make it unsafe to be out.
•    Bag trash before placing in a trash receptacle. 


Did You Know?

•    Illegally dumped bulky items like fridges, couches, etc. on sidewalks and roadways can be reported to the city’s illegal dumping program for removal 707-441-4203
•    Recology customers get 2 free bulky item pickups per year. Make sure to take advantage of your free pickups and spread word to neighbors!
•    You can prevent litter by not overstuffing trash cans. This can lead to lids blowing open and animals and wind spreading litter.


Spread the Word!

•    Be a citizen scientist! Consider tracking what litter you find on the Marine Debris Tracker App to help researchers understand what materials are most commonly littered.
•    Spread word to neighbors and friends about this program! You can do meet ups and pickup litter together. 

Questions? Contact or 707-441-4218
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