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Humboldt Recycles

A partnership with Recology to Help You Recycle Right

Everyday the public throws millions of pounds of trash into recycling bins. 

Be Part of the Solution,

Not the Confusion


Did you know trash can contaminate the good recyclables?


Recycle These in Your Blue Bin

glass and cans.png

*Only leave cap on CRV


Please NO waxy or water resistant coating, like milk cartons. No books.


*Only leave cap on CRV


Keep These Out of Your Blue Bin

no electronics.png
No Tanglers or Electronics
(no hoses, wires, or chains)
no garbage.png
Do Not Bag Recyclables & No Trash
No Plastic Bags or Film
(please bring plastic bags to your local supermarket for recycling)
No Food or Liquid
(please empty and clean all containers & no greasy Pizza boxes)
No Clothing or Linens
(please donate usable cloth material or put soiled cloth in garbage)
No Waxed or Plastic Lined Cartons
acceptable green waste.png

Recycle These in Your Green Waste Bin

unacceptbale green waste .png

Keep These Out of Your Green Waste Bin

Eureka Youth Council Presents:
Night of the Living Garbage
A Recycling Contamination PSA

Printable Recycling Guide

The Gallery of Oops

Real Photos from Recology's Recycling Facility in Samoa


Food Contamination

Liquid and foods can leak onto clean recyclables.

Did you know recyclables must be clean, and anything soiled is thrown away?

The recycling facility

does not clean recyclables

Still Confused?

Use Recology's Searchable Guide

(Click the Image Below)

What Bin.png
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